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            ’NHANCED CBD OIL             


           'NHANCED CBD Oil is the highest quality, full-spectrum CBD topical on the market today.
           It has no equal and that is because Morinda takes the time to prepare only the finest CBD

           Our distilled CBD is as pure as lamb's wool. That's because we don't subject our CBD to
           unnecessary processing. All the CBD in 'NHANCED CBD is full-spectrum goodness. Derived
           from hemp plants grown in the golden Oregon sunshine, we follow this product from the
           farm to your hands. Using this amazing product is like giving your skin an intense CBD-fueled
           spa treatment every day. 

           Each bottle of 'NHANCED CBD Oil contains 500mg of the finest full-spectrum CBD. It's perfect
           for daily use, too. It comes in a convenient tincture bottle with a squeezable dropper.  

’NHANCED CBD Body Cream   


Our 'NHANCED CBD Body Cream is made with only the very best full-spectrum CBD, sourced
         from farm-grown hemp. Use it all over. Seriously. It feels amazing, and you're going to love it. 

         This emollient Body Cream is formulated to give you all the qualities of CBD with added
         moisturizing benefits. No cutting corners, no unnecessary fillers. 

         Each jar of 'NHANCED CBD Body Cream contains 150mg of full-spectrum CBD, organic Aloe
         Vera juice, nourishing botanicals, and Vitamin E.  




         'NHANCED CBD Roll-on Gel is the perfect way to massage CBD directly into targeted areas of
         the skin. Featuring full-spectrum CBD and soothing essential oils, our Roll-on Gel will give your
         sore joints and muscles the pampering of a lifetime. 

         Carry your 'NHANCED CBD Roll-On Gel with you for your go-go lifestyle, or keep it in the
         cupboard for a great home treat.  

         Each bottle of 'NHANCED CBD Roll-on Gel features 200mg of full-spectrum CBD, avocado oil,
         cocoa butter and a curated selection of essential oils. Use the cool roll-on applicator to deploy
         CBD exactly where you need it. 


’NHANCED CBD Topicals Pack


         Want it all? You got it. The 'NHANCED CBD Topicals Pack is the CBD trifecta you've been waiting for. 

         It's got 'NHANCED CBD Oil, the highest-quality, full-spectrum CBD oil on the market today;
         'NHANCED CBD Body Cream, our rich and luxurious full-body lotion; and 'NHANCED CBD
         Roll-on Gel, the massaging CBD treat infused with therapeutic essential oils.

         Each product features full-spectrum CBD sourced from farm-grown hemp. 

         Give this pack a try. You probably won't ever want to live without any of these products ever again. 



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